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Question Domain and email forwarding to new domain

How can I forward all of my web and email traffic from an old domain to a new domain?

For example:

For web traffic:
olddomain.tld/index.html > newdomain.tld/index.html
olddomain.tld/folder1/index.php > newdomain.tld/folder1/index.php

Domain forwarding at the registrar will forward web traffic but it doesn't seem to forward the email. We have external spam filtering for all incoming mail but I don't think that is the problem since the translation to "newdomain" would occur at the registrar prior to reaching the filter.

For email traffic:
joe@olddomain.tld > joe@newdomain.tld
sam@olddomain.tld > sam@newdomain.tld

I don't care if the forwarding is done at the registrar or my server but I do need all web traffic and email to be sent to the new domain.

Any ideas?
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