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I am fairly new to setting up DNS solo on my own and wondered if I could get answers to probably a simple questions. I have set up a static IP address with Time Warner, and have registered a domain through Network solutions. I have installed CenstOS 5.2 on my server with ISPconfig successfully (thanks to HowtoForge's wonderful tutorials by the way). I have set up everything to what I think is correct in the ISPconfig control panel but not sure if I am using the correct IP information provided by Time Warner. The information provided to me looks like this:

Network Address:
Network Mask:
Default Gateway (TWC Router):
Available Address(s):
Primary DNS Server: 24.xx.x.xx
Secondary DNS Server: 24.xx.x.xx

I have setup and through ISP config, but when providing those two to Network solutions, which IP address information do I provide to them and use to set up in ISPconfig in order to make the correct link so everything sets up correctly? Primary DNS Server and Secondary DNS Server. Probably a very dumb question but not having luck with this setup. Thanks!
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