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Default Virtualization for Palm hotsync & Chess on Ubuntu

I've succeeded in getting my Windows chess programs (Fritz9 and ChessBase9) to run in VirtualBox on my Ubuntu Intrepid Ibex system, but I can't get my Palm PDA to hotsync. The USB ports--even with the GuestAdditions--just won't connect to Palm Desktop. Therefore I have been looking for a virtualization that will handle both things. I tried VMPlayer + Tools some months ago, and that didn't work. And I can't get VMware Server installed--version 2.0 objects that my system is just i386 (though I have an AMD Phenom 64x3 cpu); and the earlier versions balk at the compiling. So I've been looking at XenServer 5.0.0--but it says it will wipe out my hard drive. I'm willing to do that and reinstall all my stuff, if it will solve my problem. But will it?
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