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Originally Posted by falko
What do you mean with that? The :81 is only for the ISPConfig web interface, not for normal web sites.
I mean that the :81 redirection works great.

Originally Posted by falko
If you want to have it's own welcome page then you have to set up an own web site for that domain in ISPConfig. If it's only a Co-Domain for another web site then it doesn't have its own welcome page.
So I read this as I would have to create a domain like the others for in the ISPConfig control panel like the other domains I already set up.

That would explain the missing entry in the virtual host settings, I just assumed something was set up for the default host. My bad.

Thanks for the clarity!

Just a quick followup - I have tried this on a test box and I have found that, and can all be set up as seperate web services complete with email. Nice job!
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