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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Are you running an internal DNS server? Then change it there. Or did you create that record somewhere in /etc/hosts?
None of the above, I guess...

I don't know,
As I said, I'm a Linux newb.

I'm just needing to know how to configure this thing to work with my router and the domain name I purchased.

I guess I'm needing to know what goes where during the network config part of the install process. Apparently, I'm doing something wrong...

My router has DHCP enabled, but I'm wanting to use an IP outside of that range so the server always gets the same IP.

I do this all the time in Windows by setting a static IP within the OS to outside the DHCP range. Heck, that's how the box I'm typing this message on is currently setup... <undecided.gif>
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