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Originally Posted by falko View Post
Ideally you'd buy another domain, a "technical" domain that you don't use for web hosting and email, but only for naming your servers. You'd use that one for ISPConfig.
Ok, so I'd use a domain that I'm never going to give out to access my server from anywhere?
I assume I can just hard to guess subdomain instead?

Then, from within the ISPConfig thing, I'd setup the public domain?

Originally Posted by falko View Post
If points to your public IP address and your router forwards port 8080 to your ISPConfig server, then yes.
So, I'll need to go into my router config and tell it to point to my public domain name in order for people to access my server?

Originally Posted by falko View Post
Most dynamic IPs are blacklisted nowadays which means you cannot send from them. But you can relay through another mail server:
Wouldn't one of No-IPs services take care of that for me?
Which one? No-IP Mail Services Link

I'm sorry for being so dense, this stuff is somewhat intimidating...
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