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I dont know much about Linux myself, may be some one with the knowledge replies?
I can only tel you what we have at work.
We have setup most of our servers with Ubuntu (Feisty, Hardy, Debian sarge etc...).
The web server is a xen (virtual server) off of a feisty server.
the web interface uses zope and plone (besides the normal apache2 base).

Our mail server uses vpopmail (qmail)which is also on a xen guest machine off of a feisty server (ubuntu 7.04 which has been discontinues so we will upgrade soon but Not to version 8.10 because xen is not supported there. yet)!The qmail recommends it to be run on a xen or a virtual machine.

Our DNS is also a xen machine for security runs off of a feisty server.

The telephones though are on an OpenBSD server which is more secure I guess?

(I do not know if you have voice over IP setup?) But that is very sweet since I have worked with it before.
our DNS server points to our actual ISP and has their IP address in the resolv.conf file but the rest of our machines including the workstations only point to our local DNS. (Now I dont know how you will handle this since you are getting an IP from DHCP? May be call the dhclient and get the result put in there? Not so sure??)

So it is like the DNS machine also acts as a gateway between our local (LAN) to the WAN.
We do not have any FTP (from outside) but use OpenVPN for security. (it deals with security certificate etc.)

you can always ssh to your servers using either a linux machines or via PuTTY from Windows, it works really well. I setup a couple of FTP servers for myself and that is easy , you just install ftp as you would any other program (I dont remember the exact command) it is different for each flavor of linux any way.

This is a basic setup here, I know it may be a little too complicated since I think it is, (but I just got here a while ago I am not the one who set this up) I hope some one can give you more/better details.
good luck.

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