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Default Debian: Lenny: Perfect Server & No-IP

First of all, I'm a complete Linux Newb.
Please don't hold that against me...

I'm attempting to follow along with this tut:

I've also bought a domain through since I have a dynamic IP and I'm not wanting to pay for a static one.

I'm needing my own server for my small business website.
Along with that, I need an eMail server and FTP server.

The tut says that I type in my domain in during setup.
So I would enter the one I purchased?

I'm behind a router and my other machines are all Windows based.

Ultimately, I'm wanting to run this server headless and VNC into it via my main Windows Vista box.

I also noticed in the tut that typing (from the the tut, obviously) will get you to the server.
Does this mean that anyone with that URL can access my server or is that only accessible from my network?

I've also been reading in various places that I'll only be able to receive email from the outside world, not send it. Is this true?
How can I get around this?
Would I need some other service that No-IP provides?

Can someone help me out?

Please, do not assume I know much about Linux, because I don't.
This will be my second experience with Linux. The first was with Ubuntu last year and it was a disaster...
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