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Default Propagation or glue dns ??

Hi All,

By Request of my ISP I had to change the IP address of my NS1. I went to godaddy and changed the NS1 and the @ IPs in the A registers. I did this last saturday and waited for propagation as suggested. In this moment Iīm in France and the IspConfig server is in Colombia. Well the fact is that I can see the sites from here ( sometimes ) but the people in Colombia can not see them (never) It could sound weird but the description is right, sometimes I see the sites, sometimes I canīt. I must add that there are sites in that server that I have not seen since I did the change. My dig test seems to be ok. Last thing I did was to check the ns1 propagation with an online tool, some of the servers still list my ns1 with the old Ip.

In this moment I don't know what to do, as usual I came to you to find some light.

Thanks in advance.

ps. Falko, regarding your howto about having our own dns with IspConfig and Godaddy. The servernames for our ns1 and ns2, should be in the parked option ?, hosted here option ?

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