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Perfect =) Thank you!

It did make things much much clearer now but I don't think I will ever be confident with this entire aspect of setting up a server.

Now lets say I have 3 IP addresses pointing at my system:

And I have multiple domains:

I want IP address to be my primary address and the only domain I want to point at this address is Would I then set to this same .100 IP address?

Would I set to a unique address, the 101?

I would want any other domains to point to a separate IP address completely so they would all share an IP such as or 101 but should 101 be reserved completely for

Or is it possible to point them to the same as the IP as ns2 subdomain so I can free up one IP address if needed?

I am not really sure how this will all work out in the end but I would guess virtualmin will start editing the zone files adding any virtual hosts to them.

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