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Is there any documentation on setting up multiple servers? I've poked around in the latest download and don't see it yet.

By multiple servers I am referring to separating services. Email on one box, web on another box, etc.

Can multiple, redundant, DNS servers be set up? Can the ISPConfig DNS server act as a master with slave installations updating from it?

Can web sites be set up on multiple boxes? Can email be set up on multiple boxes? We have a couple of domains that have been in use for a LONG time. When we point the MX records to those domains they will instantly begin getting hammered with hundreds of thousands of spams daily. They should each be on their own separate machine.

How well does an ISPConfig setup handle REJECTing spam (not BOUNCEing it)? Can the end-user email users adjust their own spam settings or are spam settings strictly a site-wide thing?

Is any of this documented in SVN since I don't see the info in the tarball?

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