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Default BIND, Webmin and CentOS 5.2

Hi there,

I started with a fresh CentOS 5 system and did the guide here:

I skipped all the mail setup because my host doesn't allow me to send mail yet but that should be no problem.

The thing that is the problem which I am trying to figure out is how I can setup BIND on my server so that I can host other domains.

I have webmin setup and everything seems to be working ok.

I don't have any zones created yet though and I am not sure how to go about doing it. The guide doesn't seem to explain much.

In webmin it says:

There are no DNS zones defined for this name server

Create master zone. | Create slave zone. | Create stub zone. | Create forward zone. | Create delegation zone. | Create root zone. | Create zones from batch file.

Existing Client Views
There are no client views defined on this server.

Create client view.

These allow me to create zones but I really am not entirely sure what they are exactly or what I am supposed to do to get things going. I have installed all this as in the guide but at page 6 I am stuck.

Specifically at these steps:

BIND DNS Domain Template

This template is used to customize the zones that will be created by virtualmin. The changes to be made are adding a spf record, add the following records to auto generated text box (replace with your slave server):

@ IN NS ;slave
admin IN A ;virtualmin
webmail IN A ;webmail

In the directives text box add the following with the IP address of your slave server such that the slave is allowed to do zone transfers.

allow-transfer {; };

I don't have a domain pointed at the server yet even. I am not sure what to put instead of or the IP addresses. I do have 3 IP addresses on the system.

I also am not sure what it means by slave server. I don't even know that I have a slave server. I have one dedicated server.

Any help will be greatly appreciated!!!

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