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Default Frustrated with ISPConfig Install V2.2.29

OK, I know I am new when it comes to Linux, but let me spell out what I have done and hopefully someone can supply an answer.

I installed Ubuntu 8.1 (Client I believe as I tried to get the server version but it seemed to point me to the same file. If anyone has a good link to it, it would be appreciated...) and went through the steps to set it up as a LAMP system (This was not automatic, I had to install the Apache, PHP and MYSql Manually).

I then set the password for root.

I gave it a static IP ( Network settings are correct as I can surf the net.

I installed gcc using sudo apt-get install gcc build-essential

I then installed the following:

sudo apt-get install sendmail
sudo apt-get install quota
sudo apt-get install vsftpd
sudo apt-get install bind9
sudo apt-get install flex
sudo apt-get install libmysql++-dev

Did an SU to root successfully

I then ran the ./setup

Selected 2 - English

Selected 1 - Standard

Selected Yes for the prompts. The install then began.

I was prompted for mysql server, but when I put in the IP, it said it was not found (Even though I could ping it from another PC). got by this by typing in localhost. Was able to enter root for the MYSql user and password was successful.

When asked for a name for the ISPConfig database, I used the example (db_ispconfig)

IP address for the ISPConfig web I put as localhost as that was all it would take.

Entered www for the host name
entered (where domainname is the actual name)

Selected 2 for HTTP

I get a lot of no such files or directories, such as /home/admispconfig/ispconfig/sysconf.txt and a bunch of others.

I do get the message "Please direct your browser to and the login credentials, but when I go there, I get a Failed To Connect message.

Can ANYONE point out my errors? I've redone this 4 or 5 times thinking I've messed something up. Maybe it's just that I've missed something or done something wrong.

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