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Default ISPConfig Squid or Apache - Where is my problem

This is my third problem in 2 days and since I am using version 2.2.29 I don't know if I will get an answer. On my last two post, once I gave the version, I did not get another reply.

Here is the set up.
Two routers with a public ip each.
Two pairs of squid proxy servers with fail over.
A pair of web servers (future load balance)

The web server using ISPConfig 2.2.29 has two sites set up. Viewing the /etc/network/interfaces file, the gateway for all entries points to set 1 of the squid proxy servers. The website that uses set 1 as a reverse proxy works fine. The website that uses set 2, has the request forward to the webserver, but the response goes to the gateway with is set 1 instead of the originating proxy server. If I switch the default gateway to set 2, then site two works and site 1 fails.

I have set the forward_for off for the squid config and it did not change anything.

I have also tried to define a different gateway for each IP, but that does not work either.

Where do I need to change the configuration. In ISPConfig for Apache directives, the network file, or in squid?
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