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You can search and you'll find you way back here . i have looked, read, demoed free and paid Control Panel Scripts. Some waaay over bloated, some too expensive, some under developed. The devs of ISPConfig seam to be active with there product. The perfect how to was geared to installing ISPConfig. ISPC would not be of any use if you ripped some parts out of it's guts.

As far as ISPC being bloated? See what you don't need, for example, for me I don't need DNS Server. I turn off the DNS service and other linux services whish saves me memory and rescources. SMB runs completely seperate with ISPC. ISPC is a product that control your hosting. NOT a product that runs and controls your server. If you want to control your server, take a look at webmin. Google it and you'll see where it is.
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