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Default Problem with "Protect Your Files With TrueCrypt on Debian"


I'm using TrueCrypt 6.1a. I'm using Debian 5 and the kernel is 2.6.26-1-686.
I'm using NTFS-3G driver Version 1.2531. I see that the newest version of the NTFS-3G driver is Release 2009.2.1.
I don't know if my problem is the result of using the older Version 1.2531.

I'm writing because I have two TrueCrypt files formatted as NTFS.
The first is a 20 MB file.
The second is 150 GB file.

In Windows XP I can mount both TrueCrypt files as read-write.

My problem is that in Linux I can't mount both TrueCrypt files as read-write.
I can mount the 20 MB file as read-write. But, I can't mount the 150 GB file read-write. I can only mount the 150 GB file read-only.

Do you think the problem is the NTFS-3G driver is too old? If that's the case I'll need to figure out how to replace the old driver version with the newer driver version.

I looked at and have also read the NTFS-3G Release History but I can't find the solution.

Thank you.
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