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After adding the above code, when I restarted sshd, it stopped and did not started again due to some error.

1. anyways, I have added a user through useradd, and he has sftp access by default. I also made him to be the only user to su to root, and disallowed root to login. Is this a good practise??

NOW, I am facing some permission problems. I am using nginx webserver.

- I have my folder structure like this: /home/username/public_html
- Owner of "home" and "username" is root. Fine!
- Owner of public_html is "nginx". Okay!

Now, I am unable to upload files as user "username" in public_html folder (which belongs to nginx). However, if I change the owner of public_html to "username", it works fine.

2. So, my question is how do I make my "username" to be able to add/delete files in folders of other users, except root ofcourse.

Thank you
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