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Hi falko,

Thankyou i have read that thread and i do have a ftp file with the details in it



with this code

auth required nullok
account required
session required
I have tried it and the ftp does give me access now but unfortunatly i still have this problem where i try and upload a particular php files and it freezes and disconnects.

I think as till says there is a problem with PAM authentication and if could work this out it would be excellent. I think i have posted the output from the /etc/passwd for web1_admin.

if i could understand what this means....

Mar 2 01:31:51 xxx proftpd[5993]: ([]) - PAM(setcred): System error
Mar 2 01:31:51 xxx proftpd[5993]: ([]) - PAM(close_session): System error
and find a solution for it. This would be greatly aprechiated and i thankyou once again for yours and tills help.

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