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Default ispconfig3 & Firewall

I use Debian 5.0 lenny. Whan I activated default firewall rule in ISPconfig I can't able more to get any data via http/ftp proto (apt-get update/ apt-get install ) , ping...
I find that ISPconfig use /etc/init.d/bastille-firewall and /etc/Bastille/bastille-firewall.cfg .
Where I can find how to write rule into ISPconfig3? (I need see answer in sources?)

I've run ispconfig on VPS, and can limit user root to connect any sites, except site's with updates useing:
-m owner option for iptables
For security reasons deny for php-cgi/apache/modphp access to network(for upload shell), except when client's need use external support.
Allow for chroot-ssh users upload files.
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