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Originally Posted by eugenesan View Post

I was planning to prepare some documentation, but not sure when I'll be find time for that :-(

I am testing updated version of ISPConfig patch and will try to release some additional information regarding building/installing/configuring nginx/php-fpm with ISPConfig, soon.

At the moment there is very simple readme inside the patch, I've posted earlier.
I can't post patches here, since forum has 100k limit. I'll check my options and post back.

Contact me for clarifications.
Good luck
I'm happy that ISPconfig3 start support for nginx. But...
I think that nginx(or other like that reverse proxy server: lighttp) can used in 3 ways:
  1. nginx(or other like that) revers proxy all query to apache server for better performance(less memory use than apache process or other).
  2. nginx (or other like that) for revers proxy query to apache server for websites, and one directive for ispconfig3 - only nginx+php-cgi
  3. integrate nginx (or other like that) to ispconfig3, like suphp, php-cgi,modphp that can users chose apache or other server.
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