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Default The Perfect Server - Fedora 10

Ok, Hands up here I am a newbie. Windows no problem - Linux I have only recently switched over.

Right that out of the way, I have recently followed the howto The Perfect Server - Fedora 10
All seems to have gone well. I had a few issues, mostly spelling mistakes or 1 or l.
I think it has all installed correctly.

If I go to the server address apache shows the default page, and also indicates where websites should be placed. I presume I should FTP the sites to the machine, but what about email. How do I setup email accounts etc. I notice ssh is running, great so I can login remotley. I thought there would be a website like "cpanel" that would allow me to setup domain and ftp accounts etc. Did I miss something ? Where did I go wrong. or is that it, and I need to read more on postfix & bind to make this work.
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