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Default ISPconfig Mysql offline

Dear people,

I do not know what goes wrong.

Try to install ISP on Ubuntu intrepid following the Howto from Falko and a little bit from the onze included with ISP. ISP is online but I do not get mysql working.

I am using a different port 3360.

During the install when ISP ask for MYSQL i kept the default ones and entered the correct password.

After install everything works fine. After logout and than back in monitor under ISPconfig tells me that mysql is offline ??

In the file /usr/local/ispconfi/server/lib/ the values of MYSQL are ispconfig (when is this user created ?) and a scrambled password.

//** Database
$conf["db_type"] = 'mysql';
$conf["db_host"] = 'localhost';
$conf["db_database"] = 'dbispconfig';
$conf["db_user"] = 'ispconfig';
$conf["db_password"] = 'eb904855dda592df92cababa3b53e044';
$conf["db_charset"] = 'utf8'; // same charset as html-charset - (HTML --> MYSQL: "utf-8" --> "utf8", "iso-8859-1" --> "latin1")

When I change db_user to root.

Mysql under ispconfig stays offline.

Under phpmyadmin I can see that mysql is working and there I find the user ispconfig again with

ispconfig localhost Yes USAGE No

and for root

root localhost Yes ALL PRIVILEGES Yes

Is I change the rights for user ispconfig here to the same as root also nothing changes and mysql stays offline.

in /usr/local/ispconfig/server/lib/mysql_clientdb.conf

$clientdb_host = 'localhost';
$clientdb_user = 'root';
$clientdb_password = '1234Banj';

So there it is root.

can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong ?
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