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Default Scripting LVM Snapshot Backups

I have a pretty simple, but tested and validated (unfortunately) backup script that I wrote. I am currenlty running the same script on each physical machine. Each machine backing up to a different external HD.

However, now that the new server I built is using Xen with LVM, I am rebuilding most of my physical machines as Xen virtual machines. So I believe I can simplify my backups by just taking snapshots of each LV for the virtual machines on the Dom0. I can then use my existing script to TAR that LV snapshot.

So I found this tutorial which is exactly what I want to do. I followed the tutorial and it works great for my situation. I would now like to automate it through a bash script so that I can create a cron job that runs in the middle of the night to perform the backups.

My question becomes, when I delete a LV (i.e. the snapshot volume was I am done with it), the user must enter y or n at the command line to confirm. How would I write my script to handle this extra confirmation step?
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