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I still haven't gotten this to work. I'm at the place above, where the system boots to saying something about my keyboard, then lists "all partitions", NOT to include the lvm filesystems.

I've fooled with this for the past week, and found a bug in lvm2create_initrd in the way it parsed out the required libraries, fixed it, then found out it was known, so got a later version where it was fixed "officially". That version ran out of space on the ram disk creating links to busybox, so I upped the added space from 512 to 1024, and it ran; however, it still bombs as above when I boot.

The lvm2rescue doesn't work, either, bombing in exactly the same way.

Does anyone know how to tell the boot ramdisk file system that it's got lvm volumes?

Also, supposedly, you can put an "linuxrc" file out on the initrd system. How do you do this? I thought I'd like to execute a shell during the boot process to see what is installed in the initrd (actually, I thought that's what lvm2rescue was supposed to do), but would like to try that from linuxrc.
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