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After 5 installs of 5 different RedHat based distros (Fedora 10 32-bit, Fedora 10 64-bit, CentOS 5 64-bit, RHEL 5.3 32-bit and RHEL 5.3 64-bit), I realised that this file does not exist until you create it, or an smtpd creates it. If you have never had an MTA running on your system (which isn't at all unlikely on a brand new install), there will not be any smtpd.conf (other than a possible qmail-smtpd.conf example, useless since qmail hasn't been maintained in a dog's age) until you make it. This should probably be noted in the RedHat based 'perfect server' HOWTOs.

P.S.: I used those commands several times, and the only smtpd.conf that ever showed up until I created the file was this one:


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