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Originally Posted by till View Post
The places of sites in filesystem have nothing to do with dns. You can not point something to a folder in a dns record, so I guess you mix there something up. DNS records point to an IP address. I'am pretty sure that the website setup is working properly as I tested it yesterday in RC2.

I'am sure that it does not point to the same file. The file might look similar as every new site gets a default file but it is not the same.

Hi Till:

I made some changes to the index.html on the first site in the client?/we?/web folder deliberately to exclude the possibility that there was problem entering in there. Anyway, as I added a second site, I noticed that the file being displayed was the same - I will re-install ISPconfig because it is quick easy and simple at the this point - there is nothing on the server and see again.

Incidentally, to rule out any other possible bugs at a layer-1 level, I am using a Dell PE R200 with dual 160GB SATA drives configured for RAID 1, 2GB's RAM and quad-core XEON. I am running Fedora 9 fully updated. Let me know if you think that there may be any problems with this, thank you.

Kind regards,

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