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That happenes some times? All you have to do use the Alt F2 or Fx key(s) to use ttyx. TTY1 gets busy with some thing and I have Not figured it out yet?
(none of control C, Z, D work either.

Now can some body please tell me how I go about using XEN in 8.10?

I setup a xen guest on my server64 but I cannot access it via xm command because I get a lot of errors.
I manually downloaded xen.3.3.gz and ran , it too gave me errors saying I have to run make inst 1st.
So I did but then again I got an error line 51 of script was referring to a place or file which do not exist??1

Any way I tried to load xen manually in my menu.lst but the server freezes and will Not boot!?

Can some body let the rest of us with this problem know what to do?

PS I know there is no support for xen in 8.10 but people found work-arounds.
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