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Smile it works

i edited the etc/dss/streamingserver.xml

changing the
<PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr">0</PREF>
i might change it to
<PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr" >192.168.nnn.NewNum</PREF>

and it worked with 192.168.nnn.NewNum -- and the snapshot showed that num and all was good -- except
I could not stream past my FireWall ( cisco pix515e )
i had oked holes
tcp 554
tcp 7070
udp 6970 - 9999
tcp 8080
tcp 8000

i could ping the num 208.nnn.nnn.NewNum
I have the alias and nat all correct...
still -- no joy

then I enabled port 80 ( via the admin webpage )
and -- now it works

i intend to close the ports
tcp 8080
tcp 8000
i do not think those are doing anything...
so the fix
was the etc/dss/streamingserver.xml
and port 80