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Question couple more questions.

ok i have added the link to /bin/sh. that problem should be fixed. thanks.

but i still have a couple more questions, i want to switch mail to virtual users, but on my domain only but i still want a fully functioning mail system.

to switch my system over to virtual users, if i were to follow the virtual users and domains how-to. would i need all four tables that u describe there. and what other changes would i have to make to my system. i have ubuntu 8.04 server, bind9, apache2, mysql, php5, squirlmail 1.4.13, and i set up my mail system via the perfect server how-to.

i know very little about the mail system and how it works.
can somebody please give me some insight on the inner workings of a mail system.

1. how does mail get recieved and how does squirrelmail retrieve it, or how is mail recieved.

2. how is mail sent out and how does squirrelmail send it, or how is mail sent.

thanks in advance. mike......
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