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Originally Posted by brainz
I cant seem to find any syslog that has details of any errors at all... unless you can tell me the location of the syslog offcourse.
Might be /var/log/syslog or /var/log/messages.

Originally Posted by brainz
I dont really understand why its doing what it does its really weird some files it likes and otheres it doesnt also noticed that sometime it does like uploading a certian file structure either. This sounds to me like a permissions issue but everything is pritty much and its should be according to a howto for FD4
Seems to be a problem with the permissions/ownerships of the directories to which you try to upload.

Originally Posted by brainz
I was just wondering also if i set the eth0 ip address as dynamic would this cause a issue and im not talking when the ip address changes and i cant access the server at all only when the dns has resolved the right ip address for the domain ???
Use a static IP address!

Originally Posted by brainz
I i was wondering what this meant ???
Nothing to worry about, this is ok.
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