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Default newbie question-laugh if you want

i have four servers running at present two that i am trying to mirror with rysnc tutorial. both are running debain etch. and both have ispconfig 2.2.9 on them. one is the main server and the other i just want to use as a backup like the tutorial. i started with rysnc and then got called away on more important stuff but got far enough that i did copy files from one to the other. ok heres the question.....
can i expect to be able to see all the site stats in ispconfig (on the second box,,mirror). i am assuming that if i do all of the tutorials. rysnc, mysql, load balancer.. that the data bases will work in the mirror.
or do i need to use something different to acomplish this ?
looking for advice..

on a different note all servers are setup from your tutorials. except for one and that was setup from two tutorials of yours because that was a backend app server. you are the man falko!

thank you
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