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Default ISPConfig 3 RC 1 User domains all redirected to "It works!" apache message

I don't know how it happened and can't figure out how to fix it.

Here's what i got:

I'm sitting behind a router
Server is DMZ
Debian lenny
ISPConfig 3 RC 1
DynDns Domain

installation was done using Instructions from your website
it worked fine for two weeks

and then it was offline ( this was a problem with DynDNS )
after refreshing IP it worked till next day

now i get the "It works" message with all domains on this server.

Please HELP

which informations you need me to provide ?

I have full access to the control panel and all services are online.

I assume it's configuration problem (I try since two days to find a solution and lost track over changes i made.)

also i upgraded from etch to lenny

Thank You
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