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Hey, falko! Thanks for the reply. Yes, I've done those things. I had to go into the and menu.lst to set the hd0 and hd1 to sda and hda, respectively, because I found out the one I boot from is set as hd0, regardless of whether it's the ide or sata drive. I'm now am at the point where I get the boot menu from grub but it looks like when it tries to load the kernel it can't find the right disk driver.

On the other hand, how could it get to the grub menu and start booting linux if that were the case?

What happens is I get a bunch of messages scrolling by, it actually goes into the framebuffer "smaller character" mode, then I get this message:
List of all partitions:
0300 488386584 ide driver: ide-disk
0301 29294496 hda1
but it can't seem to see the sata drive.
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