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I had followed the First Steps guide, however I neglected to follow the webmail part of it. My bad. I've now installed RoundCube webmail, and can access it fine. However I think I have a snag - I don't believe any mail can be delivered. I was having issues figuring out how to setup DNS properly, on my server & with my domain provider, and in asking their help they just pointed my domain to my server's IP, but left the DNS alone.

I am going to assume here that the DNS has to be configured properly for the mail functions to work. If so, can anyone provide some insight into how to configure this properly? Google searching has got me tearing my hair out trying to understand it all. I'll play out how things are set currently:

Server: Server1
Domain (SOA):
IP Address:

Admin Email: root@localhost
Nameserver 1:
Nameserver 2:

Refresh: 28800
Retry: 7200
Expire: 604800
TTL: 86400

A Record: blank

IP-Address: Hostname: www
CNAME: blank
MX: blank
SPF: blank

My domain provider gives an option to change DNS for the domain, and no options for A Record, MX, etc. They require 2 DNS entries (which I feel may cause a problem, having only 1 DNS server running, correct me if I am wrong.)

DNS is the one part of my setup that I truly feel I've hit a wall with, get a headache now thinking about it. Any advice on this would be greatly appreciated!
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