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Originally Posted by falko
Do you have static IP addresses?

Do you have proper PTR ("reverse") DNS records for your IP addresses?
Do you have SPF records for your domains?
Are your IP addresses on some spam blacklist?
yes i'm using static IP address...

i do not have PTR/SPF records (but i have other boxes at another isp without PTR records) they have no such problem...
btw, how do i set PTR / SPF? do i set from ISPConfig? set to what value?

i've checked against - no error except
PTR test: "IPADDR has no reverse DNS entry; some mail servers may not accept your mail"


pls help me understand...

my main ISPConfig hostname is
and MX is

if i add a new domain using ISPConfig (eg with same IP address as,

when i send OUT a mail from, the receipient mail server should be "talking" to, or ?

or does it matter?

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