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Originally Posted by theamoeba View Post
What I am struggling to understand is, why did u decide to change over to mydns when bind seemed to be working just fine. i will grant u that mydns is easier to understand.

i am running fedora 9 (i know this experimental, and no i am not changing to ubuntu/debian). mydns starts beautifully using a service mydns start, but it refuses to start on boot - it gives an error 111 mysql connection error.

can someone please help with this as all of the mysql details are correct and it loads nicely once the box has booted and i do a service start manually.

it just occurred to me that since it is moaning about a mysql.sock error, is it not possible that mydns is starting before mysqld and therefore cannot connect?

i figured out my own questions.

mydns is very much easier to use than bind as it runs on sql - mysql or postgresql. so updating the records is really simple.

managed to fix the mysql issue, i was right - mydns was starting before mysqld - therefore it would never be able to connect would it? here is a forum post on changing the service boot order in fedora (i suppose this will work in any red hat variation):


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