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Default How to have a whole HD LVM (except /boot)

I have two disks in my computer, one of them my main (IDE) drive & a new one (S-ATA). Basically, I want to make the entire sata drive the new primary hard drive, but have it completely under control of the volume manager (except for boot, which I understand has to be on a physical partition). The original (IDE) disk had root and swap as separate, physical partitions. Here's what I've tried:

1. Partition the disk with a 32 meg sda1 and the whole rest of the disk (1 TB total) as sda2.
2. Copy everything from the IDE /boot directory to the sata sda1 (mounted as /target).
3. Set up lvm on the rest of the disk, with logical volumes for root, swap, home, usr, and var.
4. Copy everything from the IDE to the appropriate sata lv's. This is done and everything mounts fine.
5. Mount the sata drive's root lv on /target, the sata boot sda1 on /target/boot, and the other lv's appropriately.
6. Do a chroot to target.
7. Run grub, with the following input:
grub>find /boot/grub/stage1
grub>root (hd0,0)
grub>setup (hd0)
This seems to have run with no problem.

What happens is that when I boot, it just hangs, with no output, evidently not even getting to grub. I *think* I may know what's wrong, but am open to any other suggestions.

What I *think* is that none of the above really wrote the MBR (I thought grub would do it, but evidently not). When I check the limits of the partitions, it appears that sda1 starts on cylinder #1, but the 63rd sector, so as far as I know (unless grub was supposed to do it), the MBR hasn't been written.

Can someone either a) confirm that this is correct, and/or b) tell me how to get the MBR correctly written (preferably the "and" condition;-).

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