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Default No srv1-eth0, srv2-eth0, too

First, Great article. Second, I hope someone is still listening to this thread...

I have a customer that wants to do something like this, but not spend $30k getting it going with VMWare Fusion. We saw this and HAD to try it.

I have the exact same problem as sebastienp? SRV1 works great, everything fails over so fast it's unbelievable (easy when you realize what is going on).

The vm moves over to SRV2 when I pull the eth0 cable out of SRV1.. but no eth0 on SRV2. I even started over and created a new vm on SRV2.. same thing when I fail it back to SRV1... everything moves over, but no eth0. The /etc/network/interfaces file says there is an eth0.. but when trying to bring it up manually, the vm just says there isn't an eth0. I fail it back to where ever I created the original vm and the eth0 is fine and accessible.

I am using old Gateway pc's as a test, but they are identical. I have a different set of cards for eth1 (SRV1 has a 3c905 and SRV2 has a Digital).. so I don't think that is causing anything.

Anyone ever get this resolved?

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