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1st -- thanks for the reply

i tried your suggestion
in 2 lines

[root@Vgrid ~]# updatedb
[root@Vgrid ~]# locate streamingadminserver.conf
[root@Vgrid ~]#

funny I thought i tried a find from / ( root )
for streamingadminserver.conf

but did not find anything

so i suppose we now know where streamingadminserver.conf is
and that location is in 2 places --?


I opened /etc/dss/streamingadminserver.conf
and all it has inside is

so -- do i need to add something to --both?
or just the 1 in
and will that then change the RTSP IpNum?
and will it also change the IpNum I see on the admin page?

-----------------( and this might be nothing but...
so -- i have not changed this yet -- is that advised or a bad idea?

i find in /var/dss/config a xml file names streamingserver.xml

i was wondering about making the following cahnge to it
it was
<PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr">0</PREF>
i might change it to
<PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr" >192.168.nnn.NewNum</PREF>

<!-- This tells the server what IP address it should accept -->
<!-- client connections on. A value of 0 means all IP addresses currently -->
<!-- enabled for the machine. -->
<!-- <PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr">0</PREF> -->
<PREF NAME="bind_ip_addr" >192.168.nnn.NewNum</PREF>

with NewNum being a real number

I am also wondering does the change to /etc/dss/streamingadminserver.conf
then change this xml file?

Thanks again!