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Default Debian Lenny + VMware Server 2

I can get it (vmware) to compile (on debian lenny) without vmon using the two export workarounds(ie export CC=). Can't connect to the server with anything other than a browser. Maybe I am out of touch with VMware but I am hoping to use the client server management application and I am assuming vmon not compiling is the problem (based on the error message). From what I have read I take it is some type of kernel problem in which a method is missing or something like that. So I can only connect to vmware server with firefox... which I am not diggin all that much. It is working spotty for me.

I looked at the current supported host list on the vmware site and debian is not listed so I decided to give suse a try. Suse is a painful transition. The footprint of my host system just multiplied by some unspecified factor in both space and resource use. Since I had to install a desktop using the suse install image I downloaded I figured I might as well install a vnc server. So now I am sitting here trying to figure out what package dependencies are required for fluxbox (have installed binutils gcc make xorg-x11 XFree86-devel xlibs-dev x-window-system-dev x11-devel gcc-c++ libstdc++.... and I am still missing a required x window systel library and header). I haven't gotten to vmware on suse yet so I don't even want to think about the problems I will run into there.

Anyway I would love a lenny + vmware 2 guide if it is possible to use the vmware server console or newer version of it (can't recall what newer version is called now). Then I can get back to a small console only host footprint and be in my nice cozy familiar debian console only environment and stop pulling my hair out over suse.
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