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Default Quick question: Updater script for ISPconfig 3


i'll give you quick question. i noticed there is an updater script included with ispconfig 3, so i had to run it the thing is, autoupdater asked me if he should reconfigure services, but i made quite some changes to them so far, so i said no. System is working fine and there are no errors, but... in next update, should i tick yes ? What does this actually do ? Does it backup your old config files that it modified etc... ? that would be best solution not to break something up...

Also i'd like to ask where to see what updates are availiable for my ISPconfig, and going to be installed when i start this autoupdater script ?

And for final, is ISPconfig 3 RC 2 gonna be auto-upgradeable to 3.1 stable ?

Thanks in advance for the answers.

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