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Default Darwin Streaming server ipnum change

i have successfully installed a QT streaming server by the wisdom of

But I have an issuee .
when I installed i gave the server the ipnum of 192.168.NNN.81
I have since needed to change this server to a diffrent ip number
all that is OK except for the QT server. The new machine num is
I can log in via : 192.168.NNN.90:1220 but - of course the server snapshot says the number is the number it was installed under (81)
this number is seen also on the upper right

and what used to work as rtsp://192.168.nnn.81 nolonger works at rtsp://192.168.nnn.81.

so is there a way that i can "tell" the server that it is this new number.

I have read that one can change a file
and there are 2 lines to bind to an ipNum

but i do not have a file named that there?

so - how can i correct thsi so that the server knows it is the new number?

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