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Do i have to explain ? oh well ok...

Well the fact is, default with only ${recipient} in there isn't working. So i went to see what maildrop is actually doing... as there is no /etc/maildroprc i thought ispconfig forgot to make it... but actually after i found that it's parsed as .mailfilter in /var/vmail... looking at the code showed:


This means it predicts at least 5 arguments. since $1 , $2 etc... a re arguments passed, so this ${recipient} surely isn't enough... Then i went to see the web a bit for postfix manual... i found that old ispconfig has:

${extension} ${recipient} ${user} ${domain} ${sender}

Adding it, showed error, that it doesn't understand ${domain} variable, so i went to check postfix manual how else i could pass domain to this .mailfilter and i found out that there is ${nexthop} variable to pass that... switching those 2, made email delivered. So that's it.

As of roundcube... i had to modify the friggin installation script, cause 5.2.0 php isn't even in yum's repositories for centos 5.2 ... those dudes developing that webmail are insane... at least they could stick with stable releases of php that is provided in most distributions... (i didn't bother sending them mail, since i fixed it on my own) 5.1.6 is latest supported version in latest centos 5.2 actually. Currently my roundcube is working fine. Firstly i had problems sending mail, becouse mail() function doesn't work properly somehow with default installation, so i entered localhost as smtp, and modified config file not to authenticate to smtpd, becouse it's already in allow list. (for some reason i got error when roundcube wanted to authenticate to my smtpd, but smtpd authentication is working fine... i tested it manually with telneting to it and typing the commands by hand) So yes... i removed the %u and %p in config file, and voila, roundcube worx.

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