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Default myDNS & Bind slaves - ISPConfig3


I'm doing some testing with the great ISPConfig3 and I ran into some questions with myDNS. As it's very light in docs I resort to here.

I have several off-site dns backups who run bind (not discussable) and I want them to AXFR their stuff of the main myDNS server.
I have added 'allow-axfr = yes' to the mydns.conf, and I have verified this actually working after adding my slave dns-ip's to the xfer field.

What I'm not getting is the notify part.
If I got it correctly myDNS does not sent notifies to the slaves whenever updates are performed (it's not aware of such a change since only the underlying table is updated and the deamon is not notified), thus creating an potential problem.
But the documentation states that that is the setting 'notify-enabled' is true then notifies will be generated on startup, this is something that I can't confirm to be working.
I find that updating the slaves in a timely matter is important for good service.

Any ideas ?

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