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Default The Perfect Server - Debian Lenny (Debian 5.0) [ISPConfig 2] - Page 3

In the "The Perfect Server - Debian Lenny (Debian 5.0) [ISPConfig 2] - Page 3" I read the following:
We need to open /etc/rsyslog.d/bind-chroot.conf...

vi /etc/rsyslog.d/bind-chroot.conf
I did follow the howto, but do not have this file! Where did i go wrong, or... do I need to create the file bind-chroot.conf?
If so, you should maybe rename the text "We need to open /etc/rsyslog.d/bind-chroot.conf" to something like "We need to create /etc/rsyslog.d/bind-chroot.conf"
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