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Thankyou for your response at the moment i am at work and do not have access to the server at home. However in answer to a few of your questions.

Have you created the website in ISPConfig on this IP or on the second (virtual) IP?
The website created in the admin panel was created on the main ip address for the server and not the virtual ip. As far as i understand the virtual ip is for the secondary dns if needed.

Did you get any errors in your syslog or xferlog?
I havent got the answer to this one at the moment but as soon as i get access to the server i will check and post findings.

This means that there is already a webserver running. I guess you want to test your server with:

httpd -t
Again once i have access to the server i will post the details of the set.

till i want to thankyou for your response i will comeback with more details once i get home...

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