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Originally Posted by falko
ISPConfig is missing in this list which means it isn't running at all. Please start it:
/etc/init.d/ispconfig_server start
The result of this command is:
linux:/ # /etc/init.d/ispconfig_server start
Starting ISPConfig system...
/root/ispconfig/httpd/bin/apachectl startssl: httpd started

Warning: mysql_fetch_array(): supplied argument is not a valid MySQL result resource in /root/ispconfig/scripts/lib/ on line 47
No results found!ISPConfig system is now up and running!
linux:/ #
When I try to connect, ISPConfig represents a login screen. My manual tells me that I have to login with user admin en password admin, but I got "ERROR 101" followed by "Bad login or username" (I see this in Dutch).

Originally Posted by falko
All ports that you want to access from the outside, e.g. 21 (FTP), 22 (SSH), 25 (SMTP), 110 (POP3), 143 (IMAP), 443 (HTTPS),...
Because my mail is currently handled on my Windows server, the ports 25, 110, 143 and 443 are forwarded to my Windows-server.
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