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Originally Posted by guidovanh
I ran the setup of ispconfig.
I choosed for https (and not for http)
I entered a domain name of one of my websites (the one I want to test ISPConfig is configured correct).
So I try to connect to, but the computer replies: The connection was refused when attempting to contact
Please post the output of
netstat -tap
Do you try to connect from within your local network or from the outside?
Did you forward port 81 from your router to your ISPConfig server? DO you use firewalls that block accesses to port 81? Does point to the correct IP address?
Does your provider block port 81?

Originally Posted by guidovanh
In another topic I read about to copy my websites to the directory trr, but I have not do it at this moment. Do I have to do that first?
Where can I find the directory trr?
Forget about this issue for now.
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