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Okay, here are my results so far:

I followed the HowTo guide verbatim. This time I got almost no errors. The one time errors were shown was when I was setting up the RAMdisk. Specifically,

mkinitrd /boot/initrd-`uname -r`.img `uname -r`

threw some errors related to I/O on device "fd0". Now, it is my understanding that most linux setups assume that one has a floppy disk attached. My machine does NOT have a floppy, and a bit of googling shows that this error is fairly common during some operations. Accordingly, I ignored these errors. If this is not correct, please let me know!

Another point: I completed the entire operation in "runlevel 1". Previously, I had tried it in runlevel 5 (at first) and runlevel 3 (later). In each case, the copy operation produced the two errors I mentioned in my previous post. Booting to runlevel 1 did NOT produce these errors. Excuse me if this was obvious to some users of the guide: this is an area where my experience is limited, and if I was supposed to do this right off, I missed it.

At any rate, besides the aforementioned "fd0" errors, the entire operation completed without a hitch. I watched as the array was built and it took awhile since I'm using a pair of SATA 500GB HDDs. I then finished all the steps to the second reboot. Booting into runlevel 1, "cat /proc/mdstat" showed exactly like I expected (and what was shown in the HowTo).

At this point, I changed the default boot level back to runlevel 5. After getting to the graphical log in screen, I attempted to sign in using my username and password. Results: Same as before; the screen blanks momentarily, then returns to the graphical log in. Entering my username and an INCORRECT password produces the expected "Cannot authenticate user" response. This leads me to believe that the "copy" operations were successful, including the password files. Let me know if you disagree; I can't think of why it knows when my password is wrong, but won't 'log' me on when it is right. Some gnome script, perhaps? (Edit: booting or switching into runlevel 3 has the same problem, so I guess it's not Gnome. A message flashes on screen about "last login ..." but it is gone before I can read the two lines that show).

I can boot into runlevel 1 again by entering the grub menu, so I can still possibly correct any of my errors.

Okay, I'm pretty much at the end of where my limited experience can take me, but I really want to get it working. Any help would be appreciated!

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