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Exclamation Subdomains with External DNS Server?

Hello. I have been using ISPC for a while now and this process still baffles me on how random it is to get working....

Running 2.2.29 on Ubuntu Server. I have DNS being hosted with GoDaddy (yeah, I know...*sigh*). I would like mysubdomain.domain.tld to point to domain.tld/subdomainfolder as that is my understanding on how this should all work.

I have done:
  1. ISPC set to External DNS
  2. Entered co-domain of mysubdomain
  3. Created subfolder of domain.tld/subdomainfolder
  4. Forwarded co/sub-domain to subdomainfolder
  5. Verified that www.domain.tld/subdomainfolder works as files are visible
  6. Scratched my head wondering why this isn't working...

Any help would be greatly appreciated!
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